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Commercial Glass Installation in St. Louis and the Metro East

At our company, we know the importance of a clean and presentable storefront. Because your commercial glass is often the first thing that a customer will notice about your business, you need to make sure everything is perfect. If your building's glass front is damaged or unsightly, trust our commercial glass installation to provide your business with a new view! Our focus is on customer satisfaction and superior quality. We complete our projects in a timely and unobtrusive manner.



Truck, Commercial Glass & Window Repair | St. Louis and the Metro East





Storefront, Commercial Glass & Window Repair | St. Louis and the Metro East

Expert Commercial Glass Repair
Broken or damaged windows aren't just unsightly; they present security and safety concerns. Leaving your storefront broken and damaged is like a beacon for criminals. Dont' make it easy for them! 
The broken glass in your storefront does half the job for thieves and other criminal types that want nothing more than to gain quick access to your place of business. Our company offers commercial glass repair for any business or commercial property. Don't deter a possible sale or delay business operations by not repairing damaged windows and glass in a timely fashion. We offer fast and affordable repairs for any occasion and situation, so feel free to place a call to the glass experts to schedule a consultation or to request a price quote.

We Repair Storefront Glass in St. Louis 
Before they enter your store, your customers will see your storefront first. If you have a damaged, dirty, or cracked storefront, think about what that says about your business. No one wants to enter a shop that doesn't take care of its appearance. New storefront glass ensures that your business will always look its best. In addition, we provide affordable and efficient repairs for commercial windows as well.

At our glass company, we provide attractive and attention grabbing storefront glass, so let us visit your store today. We will work with you to provide the best possible storefront that falls within your decor, tastes, and budget.

Choose Your Favorite Type of Glass
If you want to change the appearance of your business with a new storefront glass installation, we are here to help you. Give us a call today to set up an appointment with a glass specialist and let us take your business to the next level. Appearances make for engaged customers, and  a customer who won't even set foot in your store due to a bad facade is a customer you've just lost.

If your business is in need of new commercial glass in St. Louis and the Metro East, then contact Glass and More.
We install commercial glass for businesses in Belleville, Fairview Heights, O'Fallon, Columbia,
and Collinsville, IL. Our commercial glazers also serve Kirkwood, Florissant, Chesterfield, and Ballwin, MO.